Cubby Holding Service

Introducing Add To Cubby! Worried about the cost of shipping multiple small orders from Fabricitus?

Our new cubby holding service lets you combine multiple orders for shipping, reducing ecological footprint & minimising costs.

Simply select 'cubby holding service' at checkout and continue placing orders as usual. Contribute to sustainability with every purchase!

Our cubby holding service allows customers to place multiple orders but combine them later for shipping. Here's how it works:

  1. Select 'cubby holding service' at checkout: When placing your first order, simply select the 'cubby holding service' option within the shipping options. This will indicate that you would like to use the cubby holding service. These will be limited to a certain amount due to storage requirements.

  2. Place orders as normal: Continue placing orders as you normally would, selecting 'cubby holding service' as the delivery option EVERY time. We will keep track of all your orders and hold them for up to 45 days.

  3. Combine orders: Once you're ready to ship your orders, either wait for the 45 days to expire or contact us letting us know you're ready to ship early. We will then send you an invoice for the combined shipping cost of all your orders.

  4. Pay and ship: Once the invoice is paid, we will ship all your orders together as one package. It's as simple as that!