Fabric Colour & Pattern Size

Fabric Colour & Pattern Size

All monitors and screens vary in colour presentation, due to differing display resolutions, so there may be slight variation in what is on your screen and what you see in person.

Please ensure your brightness is turned up on your device's/computer's screen for the most accurate representation of printed designs. Variation in colour can also occur when printing at different times/rounds, please consider this when ordering your favourite fabrics.

If a very specific colour is desired we recommend buying half a metre first and then a larger amount later on.

We know buying fabric online can be difficult, so we try to provide our own images that we believe accurately show colouring. These are attached to each product listing.

The size of the pattern on our fabric ranges in three size scales. Small allows for all images, where possible, to have a measurement scale between 2 - 3.5cm. Regular allows for all images, where possible, to have a measurement scale between 3.5 - 7cm. Large allows for all images, where possible, to have a measurement scale exceeding 7cm. This can vary, depending on elements within the print, however this is the scaling we work towards for the majority of components, within a design.

If there are any questions please email us at fabricitusau@gmail.com or jump into our Facebook group and ask away!