Round 05/22 Hoodie Pals Now Open - Closing 23/06/2022 / Please do not Combine Retail & Pre-Order

Round Updates

R01/2022 - Little Critters Round ended 16/02. ETA: 27/04 to 11/05
I have been advised that this is going to be a little later than expected. We are currently at week 9 (as of yesterday20/04/22) and just giving a heads up just in case it runs later. Please note that as soon as the shipment lands I will make every attempt to have all orders processed and shipped promptly. I apologise for the longer than expected delivery time but the issues with worldwide shipping have hit us on this shipment.
UPDATE: 10/05/2022 -  In Melbourne awaiting delivery to me.
18/05/2022_ Delivery has arrived & cutting - Scheduled to start shipping week ending 27/05/2022.
R02/2022 - Dragons & More Round ended 07/03. ETA: 16/05 to 30/05
This round is currently going through the checking phase & is expected to be shipped any day now. At this stage no delays are expected but I will keep you all updated if it is looking like it will be delayed in anyway.
UPDATE: Round has finished printing except vinyl. If delayed any further will be shipped to AU with vinyl to follow.
UPDATE: 10/05/2022 - Round has been shipped to me.
Update: 24/05/2022 - Still awaiting arrival. No further updates as yet.
Update: 09/06/2022 - 4 Rolls have arrived and balance due next week.
SHIPPING: 23/06/2022
R03/2022 + You Go Girl - 10/04 to 29/04. Webbing Retail also uploaded.

CLOSED - Submitted to printer 06/05/2022.

Printing finished & shipped to me.

23/06/2022 - Awaiting arrival in AU.

R04/2022 - Magical Round Started 06/05 to 20/05
Submitted to the printer: 31/05
23/06/2022 - Currently still printing.
R05/2022 - Hoodie Pals - 13/06/2022 to 23/06/2022